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MISSION: We multiply cultures of light and life in places of darkness and death.

MANDATE: Our mandate is to “light a LAMP” in order to “seek the Lost.” We see families, churches and nations being divided and destroyed. Multipli dreams about training, equipping and releasing generations of fathers, pastors and leaders who will step in to be light in dark places. Therefore, We exist as a church planting initiative focused on multiplying cultures of light and life through the training, equipping and releasing of authentic leaders. We believe deeply that multiplying light will multiply life.

METHOD: Multipli will cultivate a four-fold culture we call LAMP by implementing a four-fold strategy we call C4; We believe these four strategies cause explosive multiplication when flowing together.

Four-Fold Culture: LAMP

Leadership Culture. We dream of a loosely held yet tightly knit community that trains, equips and releases authentic leaders.

Assistance Culture. We dream of compassionate community that is passionate and purposeful about assisting the hopeless and healing the hurting.

Mobilization Culture. We dream of a powerful community that carries the Kingdom of Heaven beyond the walls of the church and into the seven spheres of society.

Praying Culture. We dream of a community that lives humbly on their knees before God.

 Four-Fold Strategy: C4

Conferences: Aiming to develop the core, our conferences/coaching programs will be focused on internal, external and eternal development of authentic leaders.

Churches:  Aiming to disciple the community, our churches will be focused on providing a safe place of gathering, guidance and grounding for the development of authentic community.

Communications:  Aiming to diffuse the culture our communications strategies will be focused on providing high quality books, articles, speakers, blogs, websites, etc.

Compassion: Aiming to deliver the captive, our compassion strategies will be focused on fighting for basic needs and rights of all humanity.

Name: Josh and Casandra Foliart


Phone: 479-530-2444

Twitter: @JoshuaFoliart

Facebook: Josh.Foliart


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